Some of our favorite places to visit while staying at VC. RV Park

The Washoe Club

Haunted Museum as seen on Ghost adventures,

The Mackay Mansion

Owned by one of the Silver Kings between 1860-1950

Saint Mary's Art Center

Built in 1876 was originally the hospital and could accommodate 70 patients. Known today for its haunted visitors.

Fourth Ward School

Preserves the real story of life in a booming old west mining town.

Ponderosa Mine Tours

Underground Mining Exhibit.

Saint Mary’s in the Mountains

Nevada's oldest church.

Pipers Opera House

The 1885 Opera House has been the home to ghostly sightings for years.

Storey County Courthouse

It is said you can hear the cries of a man who was hung behind the courthouse. Visit the old Jail.

Marshall Mint Museum

Was built in 1861 has a full line of custom gold and silver medallions, nuggets, collectors coins, minerals and gems.

The Way it was Museum

Experience life on the Comstock the way it was.

V&T Railway

Enjoy a short ride through the mountains on our steam train.

Bucket of Blood

Enjoy live music with David John & the Comstock Cowboys.

A great place to shop for unique gifts for the entire family
Great entertainment in the many Saloons and restaurants